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Unruly patterns

Unruly patterns is a shop full of colourful bags, pouches, notebooks and diaries embelished with creative patterns and illustrations

From the first brush-stroke to the last stitch (or knot)

Unruly Patterns have come to life just recently, when I realised that they are basically taking over all of my work. Up until then, there was a small business called Made in Conservatory which was, quite obviously, named after my gorgeous conservatory studio in English Suffolk. However, I felt like I was neglecting this business (while at a volunteering program in incredible St. Vincent and Belize) and eventually it ran its course. A fresh start was needed and Unruly patterns have been clearly waiting for this to happen. So, taadaaaa, ……… a new business was born.

In this new adventure I like to solely concentrate on the beauty of colours, shapes and patterns. All of the creation process is done in the same sunny conservatory room by me. I paint, print, cut, stitch, unstitch, stitch again, wrap notebooks in fabrics, glue everything together, zip and unzip coin pouches, chase pretty beads around the table, make knots, photograph, procrastinate a lot, stroke and feed our cat so she loves me the most, water my plants, … all by myself.

All fabric products are completely unique and one of a kind. Due to the sublimation process I can only make three copies of one A3 painting. Each print takes away a layer of pigment, therefore all fabric pieces have a different quality.

My macramé jewellery is basically a bit of a guilty pleasure which started as a way to fundraise for a volunteer project. Since then I keep finding myself in waves of knot making mania which doesn’t subside until I finish at least a dozen of gorgeous dangly earrings. I call it a guilty pleasure because it doesnt have anything to do with colours or fabrics but I love it so, there ,…. it’s only up to you to love them too.

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Unruly patterns

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