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Wood turning artefacts using native timbers felled as part of land management and destined, in the main to be processed as firewood.

After retiring from teaching I resolved to return to wood turning, a pastime which I had not practised for some 50 years. I like many of my generation was privileged enough to be taught wood work, metal work and engineering drawing in my early years at high school. I particularly enjoyed wood turning and was sad to be told that as I was going to be studying the sciences in later school I had to drop the practical subjects I really enjoyed.
At various points through my adult life I had voiced a desire to return to wood turning but inevitably was sidetracked by life and adult responsibilities. I was given the opportunity to retire from teaching on my 60th birthday, a great and unexpected surprise which i accepted. I worked at various jobs over the ensuing 2 -3 years simply to earn a living, with the idea that, at some point, I would acquire a lathe for my real retirement. This all came to juddering stop when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I subsequently underwent surgery and radiotherapy and ended up with time on my hands and unable through my recovery, to work. This enforced free time drove me to consider what I could do which was not physically onerous but which would challenge me and satisfy my creative desire, so the lathe was acquired and I started to produce wooden mushrooms.
From there I have developed and added to the skills acquired over half a century ago. I consider myself to be a competent beginner with much to learn. The decorative wooden pieces I produce are not varnished or lacquered, simply sealed and polished using my own beeswax polish made from wax provided by a local beekeepr.

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Quay Woodcrafts

Connahs Quay, Flintshire