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Pukka Junk Creative

I am Reclaimer/Recycler of many items , but I major in making leather and suede bags from old leather furniture and clothing

Over 55years ago I graduated from art school, but never used what I had learned, I had worked for some household names , such as Wedgwood, Portmeirion Pottery, Darlington Glass and Lilliput Lane
When I retired some 17years ago I need something to stimulate my brain and we have always been very keen on all forms of recycling, and visits to our local council waste tip , I was totally blown away on what people were throwing away. Hence me using old leather furniture, copper piping for lights and much more.
Pukka Junk then started in 2002
I am a Reclaimer/Recycler of many items that have been discarded and thrown out. My real love is to make quality bags from old leather furniture and old suede and leather clothing
I also use old saddles and discarded boot leather that has not past the stringent test put on it by the miners boot manufacturers
I get the majority of my furniture by skip diving, with the owner’s consent, all forms of leather furniture, are stripped, frames cut up and bagged for the local hospice and the leather is thoroughly cleaned and fed. Then they are made into shoppers, backpacks etc
I also make bags from lorry tyre inner tubes, lorry curtain side and discarded banners

Lighting from bicycle frames and old copper pipes
Notice boards from old floorboards and copper pipes
Many more items that come to hand

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Pukka Junk Creative

Walpole St Peter, Norfolk