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MY name is Sophie and I am the proud owner of IMBUEcreation, creating beautiful items from concrete that are functional and delicate

IMBUEcreation is a whirlwind, owning a handmade e-commerce business is challenging but we are up to the challenge, from designing to creating, to advertising and marketing, then to you! We dont all! And we love it. Our products are made to last with quality at the heart. All our candle holders are reusable, our hand poured tea lights are made from only the purest soy wax and all our scents are tested for scent throw and quality all of which can be widely recycled or sent back to us for refilling at a discounted price... I can assure you you will not be disappointed!

Lets talk soap! With the world at our feet we need to look after it and with more and more of us becoming aware of the effects of our waste, its time we all do our bit. Lets ditch the liquid soap for the use of our more eco friendly soap bar and why not save the sticky sink edge with a wonderful soap dish? Beautiful edgy and earthy design...

Talking a little more about going green and I would just like to mention that we only use repurposed or biodegradable packaging, we use what we can salvage or buy green and the cement we use to create our products I hear you ask? Well we create most of our products from the surplus cement bags left over on local building sites. We are also looking into supply chains that have 0 percent emission rate for production.

As we continue to grow we look to create only innovative reusable products.

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IMBUE Creation

Cranleigh, Surrey