David PalmerStevens - Puppets

David PalmerStevens

Cartoonist, Sculptor , Puppet Maker

I draw cartoons in pencil, some I colour with coloured pencils, watercolours and acrylic paint. I draw pictures from A4 up to A0. I have illustrate a range of childrens books available on Amazon. If I create an unusual character I will sculpt a figure in resin ranging from 20 cm to 60 cm. I have made some very large puppets out of paper mache coated in paper clay for the Freshair Free Theatre.

The most popular item I make are shelf sitting comic figures these have wooden puppet frames from the waist up. then soft body with resin head and hands acrylic eyes and some acrylic teeth. They can be dressed in clothes that fit a 3 month old child.

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David PalmerStevens

Wyfold, Berkshire