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Miniature creations

Sandra and Geoff create 1/12th scale miniatures using a variety of materials, mainly polymer clay , resin and pastel powder.

We are based in Kings Worthy near Winchester and have been making miniatures for just over 5 years .All miniature items are unique and designed by us in a variety of settings from miniature scenes in lanterns and wooden cases to stand alone items
We initially started creating 1/12th scale miniatures after Geoff made me a replica of Dumbledors office , with real stone floors and pillars , a cabinet full of potions , magic spell books, and all things wizard. It is complete with lights and housed inside an antique cabinet we found while trailing through second hand shops.
By then we were hooked and began creating other items including 1/12th scale tables filled with realistic food made from polymer clay , these include home baking, jam making, party buffet, Sunday roast , Italian themed complete with 1/12th scale olives and even a witches spell making table to name but a few.
As we progressed further more ideas emerged , some more quirky than others.! Geoffs imagination and ability to create something totally original resulted in a doctors surgery in an old book , which we acquired from the recycle center , an old outside toilet in a wooden case and many more besides.
A large range of materials are used in our creations , the main being wood and polymer clay. Anything that requires water, for example a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes with bubbles floating on top is made using scenic water and a syringe .
We are currently working on a variety on illuminated book nooks , a library /study, a wine cellar and many more.
Every time you think you have finished a piece another idea springs to mind.
We now find we look at everyday objects with a different eye , would the lid of a detergent bottle make a bucket , would a piece of netting make a wire fence, the list is endless.
With so many ideas floating around we are never bored , which I feel sometimes would be a luxury !
We are regular exhibitors at craft fairs , mainly in the New forest area and are gradually getting a following of other dolls house enthusiasts .
All our creations come with a certificate of authenticity to show they are original and made by us.
We are more than happy for anyone interested in what we do to contact us for further details or just to talk about the world of miniatures
You can also find us on our Etsy shop.

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Miniature creations

Winchester, Hampshire