The Ceramafacturers - Pottery and ceramics

The Ceramafacturers

Traditional slipcasting combined with 3D printing technology

We are Claudine Fiche and Ian Siragher. We make Slip Cast products.

Our work explores the opportunities provided by 3D printing technologies to make the patterns and moulds we use as the basis of our work. We work in porcelain, earthernware and stoneware, creating unqiue sculptiral forms, lithophanes, historical figures, vases, and bottles.

Although our moulds start in a very high tech way, once we have them, we enjoy all the challenges and joys of old school ceramics and slipcasting.

We make all the work we sell, working from a number of locations in the UK, helpfully split between Fleet, Cambridge, and Harrogate.

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The Ceramafacturers

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire