krazyphils - Art


Artist with an eye for colour and the unusual

When I say to people I like to do Art, they sometimes say say what sort
of Art do you do? Well I lke to do things that please me , excite me, puzzle me even,
but above all that makes me Happy. I would hope it does the same for other people,
after all theres no such thing as bad or good art , Just Art. People like it or they dont!
I like to use all sorts of mediums in my work , so you will find Acyrlic , oil paint , brusho , fabric
paint , glitter glue , mod podge in my work , sometimes on the same canvas. I love colour
and different textures and the shape of trees seem to fascinate me. So I hope you like
what you see , and if you dont thats ok too..

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21 Melbourne street, York, North Yorkshire, YO10 5AQ