Tomasz Maker - Wood

Tomasz Maker

I use the art of marbling to decorate my woodwork and to revamp reclaimed or worn out furniture.

I am a maker who leans towards utilising woodwork and metalwork to create useful and beautiful objects. Using the characteristics of timber and metals to make striking and juxtaposed pieces.

Within my time as a student I discovered and fell in love with the craft of marbling. As a process it has allowed me to bring colour into my work and has provided an intriguing method of decorating timber items. It is also a wonderful way to revamp old or reclaimed items giving them new life.

I have am always experimenting with new material to apply my marbling to, such as slate, in that aim of expanding my capabilties as a maker.

I am always looking to see what else I can combine with marbling, and so am open to working with other creative individuals to combine our crafts to create more unique items.

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