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Polished Peacock Redesign

I am Jesse, a learning mentor who repurposes materials, I work with people with learning and physical difficulties to create lamps.

I have always had a keen eye for art and design during my childhood Id always have a pen in my hand, as a teenager, I developed an interest in perception and the connection with art and therapy. As an adult I completed a degree in fine art, I used the skills I learned to volunteer with the homeless, teaching individuals to use art as a coping strategy while living on the streets. I was then offered a full time position working as a learning mentor working students with various learning and physical difficulties. Within this position I help develop student’s academic skills in English and based in a college setting, this very quickly highlighted the lack of individuality the college offered. This gradually developed into additional private work giving me the opportunity to offer students the chance to develop additional skills away from college setting and opening opportunities to learn life skills that they are interested in. I have had the pleasure to witness the students excel in things that interested them and built their confidence in expressing themselves some achievements included up cycling furniture, re-purposing bottles into lamps and hanging planters, mosaic clocks and various other items. The next step is to take pride in the creations and attempt to sell the products in hope that we can invest in better equipment and open further opportunity’s for my students.

All of the lamps have been PAT tested to meet UK safety standards and only use L.E.D bulbs energy efficiency light bulbs.

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Polished Peacock Redesign

Newton Lodge, Rockhampton, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9DY