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Wash Handmade Soaps

Beautiful bubbly hand crafted soaps. Made from scratch using the centuries old cold process method

Hi, Iím Claire

I make lovely hand made soaps from scratch using the centuries old cold process method.

I make my soaps in small soap loaves which I slice into 16 individual soaps. Each soap then takes about 5 weeks to cure and when ready I pop it in a little linen bag and attach a colour matched tag.

All my recipes have been safety assessed and have an industry approved Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

Each soap is made with five lovely oils and butters:
Soy bean oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Coconut butter
Shea butter

My soaps are coloured with mica pigment and enhanced with either fragrances or essential oils. I also produce soaps with different levels of natural exfoliant such as raspberry seeds, poppy seeds and cinnamon bark powder.

Animal fats
Palm oil
Bubble enhancers (all my soaps are naturally bubbly!)

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Wash Handmade Soaps

Hollingworth, Cheshire