Janet Hadley - Pottery and ceramics

Janet Hadley

I love making unique hand built and thrown pottery inspired by nature and the natural landscape

I specialise in unique handmade pottery. I am inspired by the natural landscape around me. Where ever I travel I stop to experience the land and flora and fauna around me. The shape of the trees, the light filtering though the canopy. When I am scuba diving the movement of fish and the details of the underwater landscape inspire me too.
When creating my ceramics I focus on texture, colour and movement. The tactile quality of my work is very important to me. I want my work to create emotions in the recipient. Fascination about how it is made. A smile of amusement. The pleasure of touching, the joy of holding and the beauty of colours which I hope evoke the environment that is behind the creation of the piece.
My signature pieces are bowls and dishes reticulated and carved with fish, leaves and animals. I also ave a range of mugs, jugs, plates and bowls carved with fish and animals such as hares, sheep, fish and dogs. Also carved with leaves and coastal scenes.

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Janet Hadley

Lincoln, Lincolnshire