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Handcrafted Coin Company

I specialise in making rings from coins and bespoke jewellery items from spoons, knives and forks etc.

I have been a keen metal detectorist for over thirty years now and I have accumulated a rather large amount of coins along with various other interesting items. In the early 1970s my Uncle who was from Nottingham used to make rings from coins himself. The subject of this came up again amongst my family in 2018 and this inspired me to do the same with my collection of coins. I now make rings using coins from all different countries and with all different dates on. I have coins from most countries and if you have a special request for a certain dated coin I usually have these in stock. I also make other bespoke jewellery items using silvery cutlery and I have recently made some broaches in honour of Remembrance Day which incorporated a silver poppy. I also enjoy making cufflinks from coins or shot gun cartridges. Most of my items are made from silver but if you have a particular coin or metallic item that you would like transformed into something else, please contact me to discuss further.

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Handcrafted Coin Company

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire