Sonali - Crochet


I am very creative and like to learn and try lots of new things. I do lots of things like crocheting, embroidery .

Hi I am sonali Adnaik and work as Teaching Assistant in school.I enjoy doing arts and crafts as I am very creative and likes to learn different types of things.When I am feeling all the tension and stress from my week start to get to me, I feel like I have to unwind.I feel that I have to do something to let go of all of the thoughts I carry with me throughout the day.That is when I look through my art supplies, so I can use my energy in a productive way.I do lots of things like crocheting, jewellery making, soap making, scrubs, upholstery, embroidery, crochet jewellery, interior designing , card making, wall art.Doing art is my way of expressing myself.
When I look someone else’s art they can make me pay attention to something I wouldn’t have seen before and gives me inspiration to try something new.Art is about enjoying _expression.I have never done any craft fairs but I really want to do now to show my creativity to people as I have done lots of creative things for my house.It will give me opportunity to show my personality.

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