Mr Prickly All Things Cacti and Succulents - Floral design

Mr Prickly All Things Cacti and Succulents

Indoor Gardens Floral Displays, Succulent, Cacti, Air-plant, Terrarium Design

Mr Prickly here, Anthony Hall. A certificated professional Private Chef. My Love Of Cacti, Succulents Air-plant and Houseplant design was born three years ago. When I bought a rather phallic looking cactus, about a metre tall. I found out later it was called A Peruvian Old Lady, apparently in the wild they can grow to 15 metres tall. I started to collect cacti and succulents, display them, propagate and nurture them. Creating indoor gardens and Terrariums, Recirculating dis guarded ceramic dishes, glass ware, bottles wooden boxes, Imagining them filled with a display of my chosen plants.

To Me the same skill set of presenting food applied to presenting plants symmetry, colour and texture all important factors when presenting.

I am at the development stage of my business. Having presented my wares, information and materials on several pop up stalls witch were encouragingly receive. I plan to make available my designs for sale at craft fairs Christmas markets and take commissions.

My Prickly will be on tour soon, a cactus is for life not just Christmas.

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Mr Prickly All Things Cacti and Succulents

Norwich, Norfolk