Winter nights hobby - Jewellery

Winter nights hobby

Quirky. Original. Handmade. Fun. Colourful. Local.

It started as a hobby for the long dark winter nights
I toiled away for hours under my LED bright lights
It was such a long dark winter and I got carried away
Now I have too many - I must sell them all today
If you really like them I can always make some more
But for now I need to sell some to make room on my floor...

I beg you all to stop and look
Iím sure youíll need to mark your book
Or buy a charm or three
And my earrings are the best In town Iím sure you will agree
So if I sell all these to you
Next winter Iíll have lots more to do.

So now I like long winter nights
Making things under led bright lights
To bring to you the latest fashion
Designed and made with English passion...

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Winter nights hobby

Stonegate, East Sussex