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West Brook Craft

We are a couple with a woodworking business specialising in making furniture out of reclaimed wood.

We are WestBrookCraft and we are made up of Jodie (The artistic one) and James (The wood one). We specialise in turning pieces of reclaimed wood and lumber into beautiful pieces of furniture and homeware. This can be anything from tables, benches or chairs to smaller items like door stops or coasters.
In addition to this we also offer pieces with a burnt nature, many of our smaller pieces have the addition of pyrography (art burnt into the wood), it gives the piece an extra dimension of individuality which we love.
We have a great passion for using reclaimed wood as we are true believers in sustainability and recycling, reclaimed wood also has far more character than freshly milled wood, the accents and patina you often find in old lumber is so interesting and makes each and every piece unique to itself.
We love travelling around craft fairs, you get to meet so many different people from all walks of life, and we gain so much inspiration from other peoples work.
Thank you for taking an interest in us!

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West Brook Craft

Chilton, Oxfordshire