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“Hi Everyone
I am a Sicilian Visual Artist currently leaving and working in the Uk.
My name is Giusi Bumbalo and I am a proud wife and mother of two boys, a self-taught photographer, interior designer and professional artist. Born in 1975 in Bagheria, in the wonderful Sicily. I started my artistic career at the age of 14 working in the Laboratory of Artistic Ceramics of Mirella Pipia becoming a ceramic decorator by trade, one of the most beautiful artistic experiences of my life, from there my passion for sculpture was also born . I currently live and work in in the beautiful city of Stroud, from my home based studio.

At the beginning of my artistic career I was obsessed with the human figure, especially the female one, inspired by artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Rodin. In 2018 I began to approach the world of abstract art, inspired by our wonderful mother nature, colors and emotions.

I choose not to explain the why of my works of art as I believe that contrary to what we are taught in school, no work of art needs or should be explained but that it should instead be felt, perceived, interpreted and loved. in a unique and personal way, arousing emotions through the magical language of colors without limiting the imagination, thus not depriving art of its very essence.

My art represents for me The Tree of My Life, where the tree is the mirror of my soul with its uniqueness, and the branches represent my artistic evolution, the development and expression of my ideas and my inner world. My desire is to create a sort of reciprocal connection from the depths of our soul, thus leaving all that is magical and mysterious to art.
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In 2019 with the help of my eldest son Benjii, with whom I share the passion for photography and love for art, we opened Entwined Art, my virtual art gallery, driven by the desire to share with you my visions and my perception of the world translated into my works of art, and to inspire you to always follow your passions, your dreams and above all to always believe in yourself as unique and special beings.

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Entwined Art by Bumbalo

Stroud, Gloucestershire