Preserved moss art - Floral design

Preserved moss art

We are using preserved moss in different colours to create bespoke decorations for your setting

For our crafting process we are using 2 types of preserved moss imported from EU.
We have a wide range of colours to choose from and each product requires a minimum of days to be created, as all are handmade created on your request.

The frames are made of wood, no plastic frames used for moss art decorations with us.

Christmas baubles are made from 2 pieces that cone together to form a bauble. The bauble itself is clear.

The moss is odorless, maintenance free. Despite the fact that the preserved moss is not alive, the moss feels fresh and flexible. Preserved moss brings powerful, natural energy to any setting and a green touch and element of freshness to your space.

Insects and other small feeders wonít be a problem as the plant contains no organic elements for them to feast on.

Preserved moss†is treated and dyed. It is not alive, but itís a great option for home decor because it gives the look of living plants without having to worry about keeping it alive.

The moss wont need trimming or watering. However, the humidity of the room where the frame will be located can influence the appearance of the moss. The normal humidity levels for a room are between 40 percent-70 percent. If the room is too dry, the moss will lose the elasticity and the vibrant colour. If the room is more humid than normal, the colours might turn more vibrant, but the moss wont grow anymore.

Preserved moss will give the room a natural perfume and can fight mould as it is influenced by humid air in the room.

Due to the fact that all frames are handmade, the designs and patters may vary.

Also, due to light exposure when taking the pictures, the colours of the moss may vary.

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Preserved moss art

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