Thingywotsits - Crochet


Gorgeous yarns, playful colours, hand-crafted with love

Welcome! Let me tell you a little about how the Thingywotsits story began.

I learned to crochet and knit around the age of 8, starting with crochet granny squares and knitted scarves. I taught myself new stitches, techniques and evolved my skills. Iím always trying new things and learning along the way (from the disasters as well as the successes!)

I knit or crochet at any and every opportunity my obsession even followed me when I was travelling. I became the Crochet Queen, making beany hats and blankets for everyone.

I love making gifts, as they are so personal, especially when making baby items and the anticipation that goes with it. Often thereís a race to finish before the arrival!

Iím very ecology-conscious. Recycling and re-use, and the reduction of disposable, single-use items, are important both to me and to every Thingywotsits creation.

I like a good mix of knitting and crochet, and other crafts, combining traditional baby shawls in classic colours with bright or mixed colours for a stand-out item. Homewares and items for grown-ups feature too. At Thingywotsits, anything goes!

Iíve been thinking of selling for a very long time, but the timing hadnít felt right and Iím a great procrastinator. But now my children are at school, itís now or never!

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Lindfield, West Sussex