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Atelier Cristina

Italian Artisan resident in the UK. I create unique clothing and accessories for mothers and children, and decor items for the home.

My name is Cristina. I am an Italian Artisan and I have lived in the UK since 2011. And I love sewing.
I mostly concentrate on babies and children but I do also make items for the house.
I sew childrens clothes with fabrics that are ethically sourced and make fabric toys with either cotton fabric or felt.
I enjoy making personalized nursery decorations with felt which are fully hand sewn.
Occasionally, I produce accessories for the house.
I started this business while I was on maternity leave.
I grew up admiring both my grandmothers while they were at their sewing machines.
I found the art of sewing fascinating, but because I didnt use to live close to them, they could never teach me this art I could only admire their beautiful work once it was sent to me. My parents would gleefully tell me This is from Nan!.
Whilst I was on maternity leave I had a more free time than I was used to and I was looking for something new to learn. During a wondrous trip at the local craft store, I stumbled across a sewing machine and I felt like I was struck by a lightening - it must be fate and from that moment, I knew I had to have this in my life!
Although I was in a different country to them, the image of my grandmothers was before my eyes. I simply had to give it a go and learn.
From there my passion and enthusiasm has grown and I hope to pass down this tradition to the young ladies in my family to come.
Ultimately from there - this shop is my best end product.

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Atelier Cristina

Iver, Buckinghamshire