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We are artists creating fluid art works and a variety of craft pieces

We are Gofluidart.
We are husband and wife, Robert and Mandy, fluid artists and crafters, who love creating unique, bespoke and beautiful works of art and a variety of craft work.

As artists we create unique and beautiful paintings, each one is inimitable and can never be recreated due to the individual interactions of colours on canvas.
We also create a variety of craftwork items including copper lamps and household objects such as coat and boot racks, towel rails, iPad/tablet/phone stands and so on.
Robert also creates bodices and interesting objects in plaster of paris, which he paints and enhances with clock dials, for example.
In particular we love creating fluid art pieces as each painting is completely unique. We like to focus on different and interesting colour combinations and use an array of fluid art techniques.

We are in the twilight years of our life now and hope to make a real change through selling our arts and crafts. We hope to be able to make our future a creative one where we can take our arts and crafts with us and travel in our motorhome around the UK and across Europe to Spain. We call our motorhome ROMA (taking the RO from Robert and the MA from Mandy).
Robert is Spanish/English and Mandy (me) is Irish/English and we are both 60+years now but enjoying life as much as ever.

Weve also started to video when we create fluid art and have just started a YouTube channel (Robert and Mandy Barber).
Im also trying to build a website (gofluidart), and I am slowly learning and developing it, so it should be launching soon. Well announce on here when its up and running, (any support/advice with that would be greatly welcomed!).

We are parents of two wonderful young men and grandparents to four adorable grandchildren.
We also love animals, nature, travel and we are advanced open water divers among a host of other things.
We travel in our old motorhome (Hymer), around UK and Europe whenever we can (depending on money and holiday allowances) taking our art materials with us to create wherever we go. We bring our dog with us too as he has his own passport and enjoys exploring all the new smells he experiences and checking out the ‘pee-mail’. We would like to spend time with Roberts family (parents, sisters, cousins, aunts etc.), especially his parents who are both now in their 90s and struggling with health problems. We havent been able to get over to see them very often and I know that if we could we would spend lots more time with them all.

I have suffered with chronic and debilitating pain since 2010, but am managing to weather life thanks to fluid art which Robert got into some time ago. He got me into it and since then I have found creating fluid art is the best way of coping with the pain. It takes away the awareness of constant, agonising pain and makes me focus on something else, its truly amazing and has given me back my verve for life. I highly recommend doing something creative if you suffer with any kind of pain. I have a diagnosis of Multi-Level Degenerative Disc Disease with Nerve Impingement meaning I have limited mobility and need to use very strong medication to manage the pain. However, the creativity of arts and crafts has enabled me to move forward and cope with the pain.
Robert is a plumber, working for a large company. He finds it hard now to keep working day in day out when all he wants to do is paint and craft. Weve both worked really hard throughout our lives but have been subject to great losses during the recessions, now finding ourselves struggling to make ends meet, let alone have any chance of retirement.

I went back to University in 2013 to study in the hope of a career change due to the pain I was living with. I achieved a First Class BSc Hons Psychology and started a Masters but needed to take time out due to health issues. Finding relevant employment at my age proved to be very difficult, if not impossible, although I got lots of interviews, so Ive fallen back on tutoring part-time in a variety of subjects.

We support PETA, Force Change and Viktor Larkhill, by giving a small amount each month. There are so many causes we would gladly support if we were in a position to do so, but for now we hope that our contributions help in some small way. I have also become vegetarian and Im trying to go fully vegan.
We believe that cruelty to children and animals or any living organism is abhorrent and we try to do what we can to help highlight the many causes we come across and support them as best we can, such as signing petitions and promoting causes.

We are happy to take on commissions.

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