Rosemary Hector - Fiction

Rosemary Hector

I love writing christian fantasy stories for primary aged children.

The Most Exciting Journey Ever is a Christian fantasy story which tells of the adventures of Mr Pilgrim on his way to the Beautiful City. Read about his encounters in Wood Not Believe, Hard Heart Castle and Mr Fearfuls big black hole. Suitable for Upper Primary aged children, it has been professionally illustrated and is available as a dual language book, written in English, with a Swahili translation on the facing page. The author has an interest in Africa as she worked there as a missionary and plans to use the profit from the sales of the book in the UK to fund its distribution in Swahili speaking Africa. It is also being translated into other African and European languages.

Rosemary is an experienced EFL and primary school teacher and works in a christian language school in Brighton, where she enjoys teaching students from all over the world.

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Rosemary Hector

Lancing, West Sussex