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Hand Made Jewellery And paintings

I have been a scenic artist for the four years m. Always had a very arty and creative background. I have been painting and making jewellery for years as a hobby and decided to start selling them. As I already have a business with my freelancing as a scenic artist. It was easy for me to just add another part to my business without worrying too much about making loads of money. But more about loving what I do. And getting more enjoyment and satisfaction of my hobby. My paintings are on wood that I have recused from bins in the work shops I work in. My paintings reflect what I love and the things Iím interested in. I also create painted trinket boxes. Using the skills I have from my work as a scenic artist, to create beautiful wood stain. I also make jewellery, key rings and coasters with polymer clay. I love spending time playing around with the colours and marbling them together.

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Millys Arts And Crafts

Didcot, Oxfordshire