Vintage Concepts by Zou - Decoupage

Vintage Concepts by Zou

Handicrafts has been my passion since childhood. It is an adventure that leads me through my life.

I love the magic and unique mood captured in every piece I have made. All these wooden boxes, glass vases and candlesticks are hand decorated with decoupage technique and painted with acrylic paint. They are protected with wax or satin varnish. I use napkins, rice paper, wooden shapes and pieces of lace for decorating. All these things are made with passion and love. These vintage stylized items may be a unique gift for someone special and for every occasion. These items can also decorate your home. Each box is one of a kind and you can be sure you are the only one who has it, no one else has the same.
My adventure with handicrafts began a few years ago. I participated in decoupage workshops that amazed me with the possibilities of expression. Over the time, I began to use various materials and expanded my technique with a variety of decorations. Now I know that everything depends on our imagination, curiosity and freedom with which we treat the products we will use in our handicrafts.

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