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Unique.I only make one of anything.

Pyrography is the process of burning a picture or pattern into wood or leather, possibly since man first discovered fire, by means of a heated, metal implement. Although there are examples of work created by a magnifying glass and the power of the Sun. As a craft, dating back to the 17th century and becoming very popular in the 19th century, using pokers heated in a fire, it is a craft that is still of interest today as an art form. I believe pyrography deserves to be recognised by a larger audience because, even though not many people have heard of it or know what it is, it has a place in any home if used/set out correctly. Hopefully, my work will show what can be done with a little imagination and the right tools. My business name came from Pyr, meaning fire and my surname, Wright, meaning craftsman. I decided to start up as a business in 2018 after 3 years as a hobbyist. It all came about from playing electric guitar. Wanting a stronger and more controlled sound i taught myself basic guitar wiring and soldering, and replaced the guitars internals. I knew of pyrography and wondered if a soldering iron was the same process. It was, but i upgraded to a more professional system. I create pyrography that is traditional, controversial, unusual, light-hearted, dark-sided. Signs, keepsakes, boxes, plaques, portraits, pictures, patterns and personalised gifts for all occasions, (pet names/cute body parts held in strict confidence), burnt into wood or leather. Unique to you and me, i only make one of anything. Portraits from photographs of loved ones, (family members, pets etc.), vehicles, (customised cars, motorcycles, etc.), undertaken. Priced accordingly, on application.
I find it very hard to sell something i have just created, because it feels a part of me. I will not put up for sale, any of my work, until i am satisfied with the result. And that is why Art is so personal.

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Chelmsford, Essex