Rainbows and Glitter - Glass

Rainbows and Glitter

We repurpose and recycle bottles and jars to make unique products

Our bottles are moulded and slumped for 11 hours in a kiln at temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit to make unique goods that are both practice and decorative glass.
Our products can be used as chopping boards, cheese boards, trinket holders, dishes for sweets, and snacks the only limit is your imagination. We also make a variety of decorative and practical gifts by recycling horse shoes.
Our botanical teabags, sold in gin balloons add flavour to you gin for an at home individual flavour.
If you have a bottle from a special occasion, an engagement, wedding of christening, let us mould it for a treasured keepsake that would otherwise be thrown in the recycling bin with an unknown outcome. We welcome such commissions and are happy to discuss the options for your bottle.

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Rainbows and Glitter

Lauder, Scottish Borders