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Modern calligraphy prints

Iím offering prints of my humorous, inspirational modern calligraphy quotes for use as wall decor handwritten by me

I started my business, Tracys Calligraphy, in 2019, when I came across other people creating wedding calligraphy businesses and it just inspired me. I thought, hey, I could do this too, as I was already learning modern calligraphy. I wanted to create this business doing something that I love and create content that other people can enjoy, and perhaps get more flexible working hours to spend more quality time with family and friends while earning income! However, I did not expect it to be so hard because I did not have a business or marketing background in the beginning so I was learning a lot of new things which overwhelmed me. Besides, there are so many other calligraphers who are better than me and made me feel insignificant! But I am continuing to improve my skills and stopped comparing myself to others as everyone has different writing styles. Now, I am working towards creating more unique and interesting content that will hopefully style more peopleís new home, or to update their current home design!

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Modern calligraphy prints

York, North Yorkshire