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Spookshow Illustrations

Fan art, commision pieces and own work.

Hi, welcome to Spookshow Illustrations.

I am an illustrator based in Farsley, Leeds. My interests and art range from horror to Harry Potter and everything in between, and I am always looking for suggestions of people might like to see next.
Most of my work consists of illustration prints and cards, but around Christmas, I offer a range of wall calendars also.
Where possible, I print on recycled paper, and all packaging, business cards and extras are made from recycled materials.

My work:
I offer a mix of fan art and take requests for popular characters, shows and scenes.
I also take on commissions and offer minimalist illustrations of treasured photographs. It is possible to make alterations and include subjects from two or more photos into one image if requested.
Finally, I also like to work based on my own imagination, and offer some of these finished ideas as prints.

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Spookshow Illustrations

Farsley, West Yorkshire