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Hog and Tallow

Sustainable Somerset soap makers using by-products and waste from local cottage industries and celebrating the use of tallow.

We are Jess and Emma founders of Hog and Tallow soaps based in rural Somerset. At Hog and Tallow we hand make sustainable soaps using South West waste and by-products. We only use local fats in our soap - beautiful vitamin e rich, cold pressed rapeseed oil and grass fed tallow which we collect from local farms and small holdings. We dont use palm oil, are plastic free and use no nasties in our soap - just local fats, foraged botanicals and pure essential oils.

Tallow is a traditional soap making fat and is often used in big brand soaps which most people are unaware of. Its a fabulous, moisturising, skin loving fat and we want to celebrate this beautiful, local product. Tallow is a by-product of the meat industry and in, a lot of the cases, is thrown away and incinerated. We collect this waste alongside Devon charcoal grounds left over from the charcoal making process, Somerset beer and cider that hasnt made the grade and dried botanicals. We then lovingly make a truly local soap with a small carbon footprint - no importing oils and fats for us! We know all our produces and often trade soap for their waste.

We only use pure essential oils to scent our soaps, nothing synthetic and currently produce five wonderful scents
Pig in the Bath - made with tallow, rapeseed oil infused with comfrey and lavender oil - topped with foraged dried petals
Dirty Gurty - made with tallow, rapeseed oil infused with comfrey and geranium oil - topped with dried calendula
Old Spot - made with tallow, rapeseed oil infused with comfrey, Devon charcoal and tea tree oil - topped with dried flowers
Hog Wash - made with tallow, rapeseed oil infused with comfrey, local beer, sweet fennel oil and foraged poppy seeds
Tipsy Cow - made with tallow, rapeseed oil infused with comfrey, local cider and sweet orange and clove

Our simple wrapping is minimal and recycled to minimise our impact on the environment and for postal orders, we only wrap and pack with reused packaging. We feel very passionate about our impact on the earth and want to use ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown away to make something beautiful!

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Hog and Tallow

Winsham, Somerset