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Earth Green Ltd

Helping to bring outdoor gardening indoors with open and closed terrariums.

With a keen interest and passion for plants from an early age, I create a variety of indoor planters and terrariums that are a fantastic feature in any home. From cacti and succulent planters to closed mini ecosystem terrariums, they are versatile and easy to care for products.

They make fantastic gifts especially great table centre pieces or just to keep around the home or at your office.

These closed and open terrariums are a great way to introduce nature into your home. Some of the key benefits my terrariums bring are:

1. Introduce a sense of calm and stress relief
2. Very low maintenance and so easy to care for. No knowledge of plants is required.
3. Plants are known to increase productivity and creativity - making you feel more relaxed and is great to have in the office.

So bring outdoor gardening indoors and feel more relaxed and get inspired. Nature always knows best!

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Earth Green Ltd

Woking, Surrey