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Beautify Life Art Elzbieta Bielecka

Hand-made jewelry, and other decorations and decorative elements. A fully eco-friendly collection, natural and recycled materials.

Apparently nothing in Life happens without a reason and Buddhists say that good karma is bad karma . For me the confirmation of both these theories are the last years of my life. Because of health problems, I lost my job, my body failed me. Long treatment also had a bright side, it was a price for a lot of free time. Having this time, I have transformed the unused small room into a workshop, my friends went through junk and provided me with materials and I could give myself to what I love: handwork. I can paint, draw, sew, knit, tie macrame, work with wood, practically no manual steps give me a problem. I took care of making presents: decorative boxes, jewellery, wood paintings, dresses for daughters of friends. In this way, the idea of transforming the hobbies into a source of income and a pleasant and useful combination was born.
My hands like to work, and thanks to it I am concentrated and calm, its almost like meditation.
So Im sitting in my little workshop, Im drying flowers, I collect wooden knots that when cut into slices become interesting earrings. Field pebbles surprising with their beauty bound with dry leaves, small twigs and roots, create pendants, necklaces or bracelets.
Sometimes the source of inspiration and material is surprising.
The real Alibaba cave turned out to be an electrical installation, a whole lot of interesting gadgets. Another magic from recycling are CDs , after a light heat treatment and trimming they create Rainbow Catchers . Flowers, butterflies, birds cut from a CD and hung in the window in the sun , can surprise fans of the rainbow.
There are so many things, wooden paintings, standing and hanging lanterns, wooden and cardboard decorative boxes, decorated with flowers.
I make them for individual orders, as a gift for the occasion of for example wedding, birth, birthday...
I hope, I have interested you enough to look into my shop.
Beautify Life is the name of my business and my life credo. If you avoid commercialism, I believe that you will find something for yourself, because all my products are unique project.
I cordially invite you Ela Bielecka
Beautify Life

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Beautify Life Art Elzbieta Bielecka

Nelson, Lancashire