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I spent a good chunk of my childhood in my fathers jewellery workshop/store, working on my own pieces from time to time. As years passed and i went off to collage to study a completely different field, Marine Engineering, the thoughts of jewellery making fell by the wayside.

Fast forward 15 years and my travels as a marine engineer landed me in Tahiti with a week of world class SCUBA diving on my horizon.
Whilst there a phone call from my father reminded me of the pearl farms that are found on almost every Atoll. After a mornings diving i decided to head on down to the local farm to see what they had on offer...

Well 2 days later and several trips back to the farm I left the Atoll with substantially more pearls than i intended and a million ideas for what they would become. You might say a latent passion, passed down, was awoken.

Since then i have discovered the satisfaction of Opal cutting. I have now started sourcing rough Opals from Australia and love to cut and polish my own gems. Finding the beauty hidden within a rough opal and creating truly individual pieces for every customer is such a great feeling.

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