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Nineteen Fifty Four

Handbags and accessories made using top quality fabrics in the beautiful seaside village of Selsey. I offer a bespoke service too

Welcome to my shop! Please have a look at my items and if you would like something made in another fabric or size, I am always happy to oblige.

I started making bags 20 years ago for girlfriends and family and it has grown from there - all their friends started asking me to make bags for them and to give as gifts - my bags are all over the world!

A lovely little cafe in Worthing used to sell my bags and accessories, but has now changed hands and the new owners decided that they wanted to increase the seating area, so didnt have the room any more to sell handmade items, so I have bitten the bullet and decided to sell my products at Craft Fairs.

I adore choosing fabrics and creating bags and accessories on my old Bernina sewing machine - it is so heavy that I feel Ive had a workout every time I put it on the table! But I do so prefer it to my other modern sewing machine. There are some wonderful fabrics available these days and I am always happy to source themed designs if you wanted something made for either yourself or as a gift. You might want a bag to match a certain outfit - I know how daunting it is traipsing around the shops looking for that perfect match! Maybe you would like mother and daughter matching bags, or similar, I am always happy to comply.

When I make something, I always make it as perfect and unique as possible(I never make two bags exactly the same) and use good quality fabrics and linings - something that I would be happy to buy myself that will last a long time! I was told by one of my customers that my bags are better than a certain well known branded store - what a compliment that was!

I also make Glasses Cases, Vanity Cases and Purses.

My items are made in Selsey by the sea - what a wonderful way to start life and 128578

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Nineteen Fifty Four

Chichester, West Sussex