Phil Stutt - Wood turning

Phil Stutt

I want to bring out the beauty that is within the wood to the best of my ability.

I began wood turning a few years ago, introduced to it by a friend who is a professional wood turner. She guided me through making my first, small bowl and I was away! I enjoy making all types of bowls but also want to extend my turning abilities and techniques. I am fascinated by and enjoy multi axis turning but also enjoy the odd and quirky such as making mice, cats, figurines, and mushrooms, although bowls will always be the back bone of my production.

What I want to do is to allow the wood to show its beauty. Wood turning allows me to demonstrate my creative side and I am so lucky to be able do this when so many people do not have that luxury. All the wood I use is either from fallen trees or trees taken down for reasons of health and safety. I feel a deep need to honour the tree and its wood.

It is all about the wood. The beauty is in the wood, all I want to do is to bring it other peoples attention. Watching people pick up my work and gaze at it, stroke it and fall in love with it is the reward for the the time spent practicing, the trial (and errors). I love what I do and I hope that shows in the finished items.

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