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My Surnames History

Personalised printed armorial family surname history and Coat-of-Arm products

Our database contains over 800,000 surnames from England, Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more conutries, it also includes 35,000 Scottish Clan Histories and 24,000 Irish Sept or Clan Histories. Our surname scrolls show the origins of the name, earliest Coat-of-Arms associated with the name, notable use of the name, whether someone of the same name was on RMS TITANIC or RMS LUSITANIA, they even provide names and dates of early settlers to the NEW WORLD. We can even personalise the scroll to include the recipients Surname in the modern notables.
Each Armorial history includes:
The earliest armorial family Coat of Arms and entitlement, apart from the shield which depicts the actual Coat-of-Arms, it also shows the additional Arms of Entitlement which are often added at a later date, these include, where applicable, the Crest, the Helm/Helmet, Motto and Mantle/Mantling.
Origin specific side graphics that compliment the Coat of Arms
The place of origin for the surname
Variations in spelling
Early movement of the surname throughout the Middle Ages
Famous and infamous people from all periods of history, titles such as Knight, Baron, Earl, and Duke held by family members. The history is printed whilst the customer waits on 180g. parchment colour paper in full high-resolution colour, they can be framed from a choice of frames at the time of purchase.

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My Surnames History

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