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I am a maker, a creator and a lover of the something a little bit different.

Daisy Girl UK is created out of a love to create and a coping mechanism for depression and anxiety. I started making Camper Van cards because of what they stand for the freedom to travel to anywhere, anytime you wanted:
fighting the black dog

I started sewing when I was 9 years old when my neighbour, a home economics teacher, taught me how to use a sewing machine and helped me make my first wrap dress.

In my teens and 20s I loved the fact that nobody else wore the same as me!

The Daisy Girl UK logo I chose because it reminded me of when my mum used to draw the pretty maids all in a row, when singing, Mary, Mary quite contrary when I was a child.

I came back to sewing a few years ago and I had forgotten how much I used to love it and I fell in love all over again.

I have now done a few craft fairs and love it! People telling me the things I make are unique, beautiful and different spark the fire of that teenager to continue to do that - Create something different!

I make beautiful summer dresses that feel amazing.

I make gorgeous bags that are one offs. No one will have the same.

I make some pretty awesome oil cloth makeup bags, wash bags and some massive bags that are great for storing trainers in, or I have my hairdryer and straightners.

I take commissions.

Love to do the weird and wonderful.

Love to do the pretty different.

Love to do Cats and Elephants!

Contact me if you would love me to have a stall at your craft fair or if you would like to have a chat about a commission.

Spread the Daisy Girl UK love.

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Daisy Girl UK

Glossop, Derbyshire