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Faye Waddington Silk Art

I paint wearable or decorative silks, produce silk-based artwork and run art classes and workshops.

My hand-painted silk has been described as a dance of colours, not so much for striking contrast of different colours by rather for the mood and softness created by my technique of understanding colour and manipulating as if sculpting it. I am an art teacher to whom painting was introduced at early age and has become a lifetime companion to inspire and learn from. I produce my own pieces as well as take commissions and teach my technique. Although I would be pleased to teach all age-groups, my work tends to devote more attention to adult learners who have fewer opportunities to experiment with this sort of art. In my workshops the learners are encouraged to express what they would like to do and are given the tools and techniques to help them achieve their goal. There are many ways to work with silk and I have chosen for most of my own work, and to teach, one of simplicity with method, in which the learners are invited to manipulate, almost sculpt colour and see it develop before their eyes, which can be quite a magical experience. Recycling ordinary materials we can develop adequate tools for our work and in this exercise the students have a relaxing opportunity to learn a new skill, moments of mindful self-expression, quietness, or interaction and socialization.
The workshops are quite easy to set-up and can be run at any venue where the learners choose to gather for their convenience.

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Faye Waddington Silk Art

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire