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Handmade pure woollen hats, mittens, scarfs and socks. Look good, keep warm and be kind to the environment. Wear wool!

I love knitting and creating useful items. Another passion of mine is the environment. I combined these by using lambs wool to make hats, mittens, lavender and sheepís wool wardrobe pouches

Media messages are highlighting concern about disposal of plastics and by products like micro plastic beads being found in the natural world. Without correction this has serious concerns for us and ecosystems.

Natural wool is a sustainable resource, it biodegrades and therefore has a less harming impact on the environment than alternative synthetic fibres. It has been used for centuries by man. It has qualities which ensure it keeps the user warm in winter and cool in the summer, plus stretch, comfort and even fire resistance! Wool is renewable, sheep or other similar animals produce a fleece every year.

Pure wool is a rich yarn, different in texture and feel, with the variety of breeds having varying characteristics. The UK with its contrasts in terrain and landscapes hosts upto 90 sheep breeds and crosses. The wool for our knitwear has been chosen for comfort, wash and wear. I have found the Blue faced Leicester sheep and merino sheep make lovely soft textured yarns, which are flexible and comfortable. I have been researching different British wools / producers and keen to promote / support the work and dedication from our UK farmers.

Our woollen knitwear is individually made by hand and therefore, no two are exactly the same. I have enjoyed making colour patterns and I am developing this and becoming more adventurous.

We are open to creating hats, socks, mittens and scarfs in different colours and colour patterns. Talk to us about the colours which would be preferred.

Look good, keep warm, support sheep farming and sustainable practices. Wear wool!


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Phoenix Woollen Mills UK

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