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We specialise in bespoke costume and gemstone jewellery plus paper and textile crafts.

My business is primarily designing and making bespoke costume and gemstone jewellery. This proves very popular as no 2 pieces are the same and is the backbone of my crafts. I appreciate the popularity of jewellery making which makes booking craft fairs difficult at the present time. With this in mind I also design and craft with paper, card and textiles which includes cards, hand crafted pictures, patchwork, decoupage, bags and cushions. My stand can be adapted to the type of craft stands available at any craft fair.
I originally started to make jewellery after I had a double bunion operation and needed to keep the brain active even if the feet werent. After making a few items, friends asked me to make for them. News spread and I started to get orders flowing in, and as they say, the rest is history. My business has grown and I sell mainly to feed my obsession. Recently I have renewed my love of sewing and have ventured into quilting and patch work. (Well they say variety is the spice of life.) My cushions and small sewn items are now becoming popular and I will be displaying some of them on my shop page along with my jewellery.
I sell at craft fairs mainly in Manchester and Lancashire although I do venture over the Pennines into West Yorkshire and south into Cheshire from time to time. All my crafts are sold at very competitve prices andI would be happy to hear from any organiser who thinks my products are suitable for their fairs.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and hope I havent bored you to tears. I am always happy to hear from any of you whether its just for a chat or even may I say business.

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Bury, Greater Manchester