Romsey Craft and Gift Market

“To provide a place for local crafters to sell their products in Romsey”

Romsey is one of our most popular locations, being very good both in Summer and at Christmas. Now established and already welcomed by the Romsey residents, we look for continued success in 2024. The people of Romsey really do spend very well and this has made this venue very popular with stall holders.

The Town hall is close to the centre of the town and adjacent to the entrance to the very popular destination of Romsey Abbey. To the front of the hall is the newly pedestrianised area of central Romsey with several cafes having seating just across from the building, a perfect area for people to meet, chat and then proceed into our market. Romsey Market has also been partly relocated to this new pedestrianised area in front of the Town Hall, adding to our customer base. Many tourist coaches arrive in Romsey especially during the summer months.

With a centrally located hall and the Mynt Image active marketing techniques on the day itself, we believe that this is a tremendous venue for Mynt Image .Footfalls always tend to be around 600 increasing to 700+ at Christmas. Spending per customer can be excellent.

The hall we are using, is located on the 2nd floor. which is accessible by a recently installed lift . Some customers also use the lift, though most still prefer to use the stairs.

We have found this 2nd floor location to be advantageous as once up the stairs, many customers stay for a long time, and spend good sums of money. With our active marketing techniques we have found that few members of the public/customers are put off by the 2nd floor location.

The local community seem to have already embraced a quality Craft and Gift market in their midst and we have had many inspiring discussions with local residents and councillors. With the many tourists visiting Romsey each year we believe that this market will be especially good in the summer months and in the Christmas season.

Saturday, 31 August 2024 - 10:00 till 16:00

Romsey Town Hall

The Market Place, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8YZ

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