Henley Craft and Gift Market

“To provide a place for local crafters to sell their products in Henley”

Henley has become one of our most popular locations since we first started to use it 10 years ago. Markets here often become fully booked 18 months in advance.

Henley Town Hall is located at the top of the High Street, an imposing building overlooking the town and shops of Henley. In front of the Town Hall is the market place used by street markets and local cafes and restaurants.

Henley Craft and Gift market attracts not only the local residents who regularly attend our markets, but also many tourists who visit this picturesque town from May to August. Our Craft markets are the perfect place for many visitors to buy their souveneirs.

Footfalls at Henley can regularly range between 400 and 800 customers with significantly more at some of our Christmas markets. However it is worth noting that larger footfalls do not always bring increased sales. Henley is a wealthy area and both local residents and tourists spend well

As with many of our locations we have already developed a team of regular stall holders who continue to attend this event. There are however always places for new stall holders to exhibit and sell their products.

If you believe that you have a product that would sell to both locals and to tourists, then Henley is the venue for you

Saturday, 19 October 2024 - 10:00 till 16:00

Connect with the organiser of this event to check availability and table prices.