Chichester Craft and Gift Market

“To provide a place for local crafters to sell their products in Chichester”

We have been looking for a Chichester location for several years and now we believe we have found the perfect location for our Craft and Gift Market in Chichester. In 2023 this proved to be a huge success with an excellent footfall and excellent spending, making this one of our most sought after events already in 2024

For those who know Chichester, you will know why we feel so excited about finding a venue in this city at last. The city is very popular with both tourists and shoppers. Along with a multitude of shops, both chain stores and independent, Chichester also has some of the finest restaurants in the area. Chichester retains both its character and historic charm, yet at the same time can be bustling with potential customers.

The Assembly Rooms is a historic building in North Street Chichester. This location is now at the heart of Chichester. With many large stores in North street, there are large number of customers passing this wonderful location as they both shop in and enjoy the sights of Chichester, With our active marketing methods and clearly visible signage, we believe that we will attract a lot of customers into this venue.

The hall itself is on the 1st floor and will hold 28 stalls. There is a lift to the 1st floor, making this an easily accessible venue. For those preferring to walk, there is a wide staircase up to the 1st floor. A large entrance lobby to the hall will hold 4 selected stalls, with the others being within the large main hall. Electricity can be provided for all stalls at this venue if it is needed. We are also offering 4 outside stalls, under the arches, sheltered from the rain, but open to the wind.

We would recommend unloading prior to 9am in North Street right outside the Assembly rooms. Parking will be a few minutes walk away in a long stay public car park. At the end of the day, loading is in Lion street and the small unloading bay to the rear of the Assembly rooms off Lion Street

This really is an excellent location and Mynt Image truly believe that this is not only a good addition to our venues, but could possibly become one of our most sought after ... and this it is proving to be

Saturday, 9 November 2024 - 10:00 till 16:00

Chichester Assembly Rooms The Council House

North Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1LQ

This amazing venue is now close to the heart of Chichester and provides and excellent location for our events. Unloading is in the small car park adjacent to the Assmebly Rooms in Lion Street or at the edge of the pedestrianised area in North Street. Once unloaded stallholders will need to park their car in one of the nearby Council Car Parks. We would recommend parking in Northgate car park just 5 minutes walk from this tremendous venue

Connect with the organiser of this event to check availability and table prices.