Mixed Media Drawing with Rita Dee

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00

“Art and Craft Workshops”

Maybe you’ve been on holiday somewhere and thought how great it would be to sketch a sea view, a street scene or a garden, or perhaps you have done a bit of painting and would like to try something different and work from your own sketches. Everybody can enjoy drawing no matter what they have been told at school.

This course will introduce lots of different drawing media and techniques, including pencil, soft pastels, oil pastels, pen and charcoal. We will start with lots of short exercises with the emphasis on fun and experimentation and the tutor will show you what can be achieved with the various media and how they can be combined to good effect. Suitable subjects will be provided for you to work from but if you have a particular interest you are welcome to bring your own subject matter.

Kingshill House

Kingshill Lane, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4BZ

Plenty of car parking available

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