Craft Blog Posts
A selection of newly added craft blog posts in date order.

Populated with members posts, these blogs focuses on all aspects of the craft community in the UK. We hope that you will find the posts both informative and inspirational.

It is not easy to write a good craft blog post but it is worth spending a little extra time to make a good impression.

Write what you know about

Posts are related to a members listing on the site, so it make sense to write about what you do. This will keep your listing relevant for visitors and may improve your pages position in user searches.

Create a draft post

Create a draft blog post in a word processor, checking spelling and grammar. Use key words sparingly as people do not like reading repetitive posts. Use a thesaurus and expand the vocabulary of your posts, whilst keeping them easy to read.

Title creation

Once your draft is ready, think about the title. Just a few words that will encapsulate the meaning of your post and get people interested.

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