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The contact form has a drop down list of potential subject lines for your message. These are arrange by team, so that your message can be handled more efficiently.

Sales and Marketing Team

Video marketing

We can organise for our production team to create a video explaining what you do. This video would be uploaded to our YouTube channel and placed with your listing on the site.

Press Enquiry

UKCraftFairs logos and photographs can be requested to go with all press releases. Please contact us for more information. Screen shots of the website can be used in print media, as long as we are advised.

New Membership Queries

Most membership questions are answered on the membership application page, or on the about page. However, if you still have a question, please feel free to contact us.

Advertising on this site

Members of the site are automatically able to promote themselves by adding listings. You can chose a higher level of membership to advertise yourself further.

Other sales and marketing query

Use this option, if none of the above subject titles fit with your comment or question.

Business and Finance team

Subscription payments

As a current member of the site you may have a question about your subscription payments. Please note that subscription payments are taken automatically each subscription period, unless the subscription payment has been cancelled before the due date.

Data control issue

All the information that you supply to the site to promote yourself is readily available to people searching the site. However, we do not sell information to third parties. Check our privacy page for more information.

Website Development Team

Suggestions to improve the site

The site has been designed based on feedback from people within the UK Craft community. If you have a suggestion that would help you, it could help others too and we would welcome the feedback.

Report a site error

If you have received an error whilst using the site, like a 404 or 500 page. Then please feel free to let us know. Please give us as much information as you can about what led up to the error and what you were trying to achieve, plus the message you received.

Problems logging in

If you have any problems logging into the site as a member, we are more than happy to help. In most cases your user name is your supplied email address. You can reset your password by entering you supplied email address.

Hopefully we can answer your questions here.

Q: Can I be notified of future subscription payments?

A: Yes, Login to Paypal, go to your profile settings, My Account Setting, select Update Communications preferences. Under payment notifications make sure that scheduled subscription payment option is ticked, press save.

Q: Do subscription payments renew automatically?

A: Yes, subscription payments automatically renew until cancelled. You can cancel at any time before the subscription payment is collected by Paypal.

Q: Do subscription payments include VAT?

A: From the 1st November 2014 until 31 October 2016 subscription payments included 20% VAT (Registration Number was 197 4674 50). Before and after that date no VAT was charged.

Q: I am interested in a fair listed on the site but do not know who to contact.

A: All the fairs listed on the site have been added by members. You would need to be logged in as a member to see the contact details the event organiser has supplied, to be able to contact them directly.

Q: We are new to craft, do you have any information that may help us get started?

A: We have put together a few general guides that may help. Take a look at the The business of Arts and Crafts and other guides.

Q: We need to purchase public liability insurance for one day?

A: Purchasing insurance for one day is available but it is not very cost effective for exhibitors. As it is perhaps £10 or £15 less than cover for a year. Our craft fair insurance guide may help to answer some of your questions.

Q: We are doing well but no longer attend craft fairs, can we continue as members?

A: Yes, as long as you are still selling you craft you can promote yourself on the site. You may still get the odd invite to a fair but that does not mean you need to say yes.

Q: We are a member but need to cancel?

A: We would be sorry to loose you as a customer but understand that circumstances change. Login to the UKCraftFairs site and follow the cancellation process from the - Profile and preferences - page (dropdown menu top right). If you used a bank card, you could cancel via your bank. You can continue to use your membership until the end of the subscription period. If later you wanted to restart, just login as normal and follow the restart subscription process.

Q: I am reporting an error, what information should I include.

A: Please include the type of computer, operating system and browser being used. This will help us test for errors. Members can see the contact details the event organiser has supplied, to be able to connect with them directly.

Q: We run events or other activities in aid of a charity, can we get a free account.

A: If you are a registered charity and running events to help raise money for that charity, we would love to be able to help. Contact us selecting the - Request help to promote your charitable craft event. Please include the details of the charity.