Reasons to advertise... On UKCraftFairs

As an artist, maker, organiser of craft events etc, you want to be promoting yourself where other similar people are already congregating.

UKCraftFairs is the number one craft fairs site in the UK. Visitors to the site are looking for craft related events, venues, products and services.

If you enter the term "craft fairs", "craft venues" into the major search engines, you will see that UKCraftFairs appear at or near the top of the organic results.

The site has been designed to promote its members more than itself. Our aim is to let people know about you and your craft activities.

By advertising with us, you would be raising your profile with this targeted audience of your potential new customers.

Your first step is to become a member, you can then list your details and contact others.

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On site

The On site Digital Marketing Service is only available to members. The service relates to the content that you are adding to the UKCraftFairs site.

How we can help you to promote your business

  • Organic search - Keyword phrase research and analysis.
  • Content quality - Feedback to assist you in increasing your on site quality score.
  • Paid search - Once your quality score is high enough, we will set up a pay per click campaign to help drive additional traffic to your on site content.
  • Social sharing - We will selectively share your new content (blog post, shop items or events etc) on our social media channels.
  • Email marketing - Your new content promoted in the weekly newsletter.

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