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About UKCraftFairs


Established 10 years ago in 2004 - improving every day
Search engine friendly - over 10k visitors per week
Thousands of active members and growing every day

UKCraftFairs started connecting people in the UK arts and crafts community 10 years ago in 2004. The site is now at or very near the top of search engine results for key arts and crafts terms and attracts over ten thousand targeted visitors each week. All looking for crafty things to do.

The membership of the site, has continued to grow each and every day. To join thousands of active contributing members and become a part of the community, sign up as a member today.

The vision

“We believe in the UK arts and crafts community and our original aim was to build a site that helped that community to connect and grow. We felt that the individuals in the community could make a real difference.

Working for yourself in arts and crafts is a rewarding, challenging and exciting pursuit. If you are able to achieve success by doing what you love, then you may be rewarded with two of the most important things in life; time and the ability to say no.

We trust the site will serve you well. ” Michael Riley, founder UKCraftFairs

The inspiration

Attending arts and crafts events, both as customers and exhibitors, a question was often asked by ourselves and other people we met. Where can I find more craft fairs? Based upon such experiences, we decided in 2004 to create this Website. The site has since grown and we work hard to understand and meet the needs of people using the site.

We continue to find inspiration from others who share our passion to support the growth of handmade arts and crafts in the UK.

The aims

We designed this site for the UK arts and crafts community. Members can create pages promoting themselves and their work and communicate with each other through the site. Shared resources are designed to help people grow their business and find customers for their craft work or services they provide.

Who uses the site

  • Craft event organisers

    Promote the craft fairs, exhibitions, workshops or courses you are running both on the site and in Craft Weekly. Enable exhibitors looking for events at which to sell their arts and crafts work to contact you about booking stalls. Attract members of the public looking for craft events to attend as customers, or courses where they can learn the skills to create their own arts and crafts.
  • Arts and craft people

    Create your own craft exhibitor page to promote your work and engage with customers who are looking to purchase or commission handmade arts and crafts. Find craft events where you can sell your work and meet other members of the craft community. Find suppliers of materials you use in your work and learn more about what others in the community are doing.
  • Craft materials and services

    If you supply materials, tools or services to people working in UK arts and crafts, you can easily create your own craft supplier page in minutes. Promote your business, enabling arts and crafts exhibitors or organisers looking for what you supply to contact you. If you also run a real world shop you can include a map with useful information such opening times.
  • Clubs, associations, guilds and societies

    If you run a UK arts or crafts group, club, guild, association or society, creating a page on UKCraftFairs can help to promote it, raising awareness and opening communication with other members.
  • Craft event venues

    If you own or manage a UK venue, which is suitable for the running of arts and crafts events, promote them to organisers looking for places to run their fairs, shows, exhibitions, workshops or courses. You can easily create your own page in minutes, providing relevant details of your facilities and information for both organisers looking to hire a venue and event visitors.
  • Craft publications

    If you run an arts and crafts magazine or publish material of interest to the creative community in the UK you can promote them to a wider readership.
  • Customers, visitors or patrons

    Find exhibitors selling their arts and crafts, helping to support work handmade in the UK. Find craft events to visit and sign up for craft weekly, your what’s on guide to upcoming events in your region. Read blogs written by our members and guides to a range of arts and crafts. If you are inspired, find resources to get you started running your own arts and crafts business.

Customers, visitors or patrons

Find arts and crafts events and exhibitors selling their work, helping to support work handmade in the UK.

Receive Craft Weekly which is sent each Thursday and lists craft events that you might like to visit during the week ahead.

Organisers of craft fairs, courses and gallery exhibitions:

Craft fairs

You can use craft fair search to find a range of arts and crafts events. Organisers can list any craft related event they are running where there will be a significant number of handcrafted items on sale. For example craft fairs, craft fayres, craft shows, agricultural shows, county shows or country fairs where there is a craft hall or craft marquee. If you are a craft event organiser, find out how we can help you by reading our event listings user guide.

Craft courses

Use craft courses search to find arts and crafts courses or workshops. If you run courses, find out how we can help you to promote them by reading our course listings user guide.

Craft exhibitors

Use craft exhibitor search to find a variety of artists and crafts people. If you create handmade arts and crafts, read our exhibitor listing user guide to learn how we can help you to promote your work to potential customers and search for events at which to sell your work.

Suppliers of arts and crafts materials or services

Many suppliers of materials, tools or services to people working in the UK arts and crafts community have already created a supplier page on the site. Use the craft supplier search page, to help you items you are looking for. If you are a craft supplier yourself, you can read more about advertising your business on the site, before becoming a member.

Craft event venues

Use craft venue search if you are an organiser looking for venues suitable for hosting arts and crafts events, such as fairs, shows, courses and exhibitions. If you have a venue suitable for hosting such events, find out how we can help you by reading our venue listing user guide.

Craft groups

Use craft group search to find UK arts and crafts groups. If you run a group you can promote your group and the work of your members on the site.

Craft publications

The publications section contains links to a range of arts and crafts articles and user guides. Arts and crafts magazines, papers or journals can be listed and promoted on the site.

Read what some current members have to say about their experience of using the site:

“To know exactly what is going on in the craft fair community, this is the place to be! No other website can give such a comprehensive list of craft venues or so much in advance“
Sandra Bean, Exhibitor - Squiddly Bean Aran Knitwear

“Joining UKCraftFairs, has enhanced my Business, I have had more commissions and made many new friends through adding the Events I am doing and I love how the site is set out, really user friendly.“
Linda Harty, Exhibitor - Linni Lou Designs

“By advertising my jewellery business on this website, it has helped me receive several offers to attend craft fairs that are local to me. It is also a great source to search for local events myself and has made it very easy for me to contact potential organisers. I think its a fantastic website and I would be lost without it! Thank you UKCraftFairs!“
Nicola Bradbury, Exhibitor - Nikkis Jewellery Box

“Hi, I have book a few Craft Fairs for this Year, if we would not have this Craft Fairs site it would be impossible, I have met lovely people, we started the fairs from March, so it is lovely.
Dana Norman, Exhibitor - Dana

“I have benefited from becoming a member of UKCraftFairs.com by having access to Craft Fair Dates and making new friends“
Lynda Marshall, Exhibitor - Shore Things

“Weve made some great contacts through the UKCraftsFairs site and will continue to use it. Its easy to use, practical and informative.“
Emma Gray, Organiser

“Being part of UKCraftFairs is excellent. We advertise all our events on here. We receive many requests for information“
Neil and Team, Organiser - Bolton Crafts Association

“As a Craft Fair organiser, I have always had an excellent response from crafters advertising on UKCraftFairs and advertising my events on the site has been very positive.“
Dee Markham, Organiser

“I have been pleased to be contacted by organisers of craft fairs, asking me if I would like to have a stall. It is very useful to have a list of local craft fairs for me to choose from.“
Jane Wallbank, Exhibitor - Rosydale

“This is a brilliant group to be part of! I have been contacted and invited to attend events, by organisers and by being in this group, is like having a recommendation of the quality service I can provide. Sx“
Sharon Carter-Wray, Exhibitor - Pretty Little Things... and all things girlie

“I have always found this site to be a frequent and reliable source of high quality exhibitors who will be booked if dates are still available.“
Janet Aldgate, Organiser - Derbyshire Craft Events

“Dursley Craft Market has greatly benefited from UKCraftFairs.com as many of our regular stallholders have come through this website. Their crafts are of high quality and have gone a long way to making our Markets a very popular item in the Dursley calendar. Thank you UKCraftFairs.“
Pauline McGuinness, Organiser - Dursley Craft Market

“It has been great as a trader, with many invites from craft organisers. Its also been great for my market, as many people have come across it and enquired about getting a pitch.“
Leslie Wilson-Rutterford, Organiser - The Dandy Lion Market

“This is an excellent site that allows me to plan for a 12 month period by advertising the different events that are available. It also reminds me on a weekly basis which events are on in my chosen area allowing me to make decisions if i want to visit different fairs.“
Beverley Ormerod, Exhibitor - Rekindled Designs

“I have had a couple of bookings through exhibitors finding me and I has worked so far!“
Beatrice Biggadyke, Exhibitor - little hut jewellery

“I would definitely recommend UKCraftFairs.com I have had a number of invites to various events through the website as well as finding craft fairs for Eagle House Preserves to attend. The events page is what I use most and consequently am out and about every month. I have also found it useful when looking for exhibitors when running my own craft fair.“
Louise Moore, Exhibitor - Eagle House Preserves

“I would definitely recommend UKCraftFairs.com I have had a number of invites to various events through the website as well as finding craft fairs for us to attend. The events page is what I use most and consequently am out and about every month. I have also found it useful when looking for exhibitors when running my own craft fair.“
Louise Moore, Exhibitor - Eagle House Preserves

“I have had a couple of bookings through exhibitors finding me and it has worked so far!“
Beatrice Biggadyke, Exhibitor - little hut jewellery

“I believe being a member of UKcraftfairs.com has helped to drive more traffic to my website as I have received more direct enquiries via my website than I did before joining. The weekly emails bring so much to my attention that I would otherwise have missed. Membership is great value especially for being on such a smart, professional looking website“
Rachael Barman, Exhibitor - Blue Shed Crafts

“We have had a lot of enquiries as a result of being on the site - many thanks. We are now looking for people from all over the UK to take part in our Make Something Beautiful Driftwood and Paper Craft Workshops in Swansea and we are sure a lot of people will come, now the UKCraftFairs site is helping us spreading the word.“
Patricia Hodge, Group - Gower Hen Parties Craft Workshops