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3meals food and symptoms diary - available on the app store - UKCraftFairs

The app runs on the iPhone, iPad, M1 Mac and iPod touch, and is available now to download from the App Store. It was developed as a native app and so can utilise the power of Apples development environment.

Food diary images

It's important to us to create elements for visual reminders. So a big part of the apps charm is adding pictures of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus the drinks you have during the day. Taking a picture, also encourages you to think about how the meal looks, where you are eating it and who with. These are mindful activities that help you to focus on quality of life.

Edit your image in the photos app before uploading to 3meals, if you want to auto correct, lighten add filters etc.. In 3meals, you can zoom in and move the image to select the most inspiring image for you.

Three steps to describe your meals

  • What did you have? - Give your meal a name: Beans on Toast, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Curry for example. Short and sweet..
  • What were the ingredients? - You have a separate larger text field to describe the ingredients of the meal in more detail. For example for the Beans on Toast you might write: All organic full fat. Baked beans, grated extra mature cheddar cheese, lightly salted butter, two slices of granary bread and a fried free range egg on top. Cup of tea with milk.

    You should include how you prepared your meal, using words like steamed, fried, baked, roasted etc. and whether you used any oils.

    You can use household measures like, teaspoon, cup, glass, tablespoon or metric and imperial measures, e.g.. 200ml of milk, 1/2 ounce of butter. Fee free to mix and match, which ever is easiest for you.

    The aim is not to have to count calories but you can include them in your description, if you would like to.

  • How do you feel? - You can also include details of how you are feeling, both physically and mentally. For example, for the Beans on Toast dinner. You could say: I really enjoyed this meal. We ate it in the garden and the sun was out. Feeling full.
  • Before your next meal, you could go back to the app and edit your entry. Adding any side effects or feelings, headache, bloated, rash etc.. If a week later you ate the same thing again and had a similar reaction, you may be a little closer to tailoring your meals to how your body feels.
  • Having a good relationship with food can enhance our lives and we hope this easy to use app will help you on your journey.

We do not ask for or store any of your personal data via the 3meals app.

The data you add

When you add pictures and descriptions of what you eat, it is stored on your devices and is personal to you.

The 3meals app in its simplest form is a food and symptoms diary. Logging and keeping tract of your meals and feelings. We started to track our own food and symptoms and it escalated from there.

Our hope is that it will help people to improve their health by being mindful of what and when they eat.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or want to highlight a problem with the app, please contact us, selecting 3meals from the drop down list.