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Craft fairs and shows

The UK is without doubt one of the most creative and diverse places on Earth. The talent of makers and artists needs a vent, a channel that allows both new and experienced people the chance to market and sell their work. They also need to network with their peers and exchange ideas and experiences. The craft fair can be that channel. It challenges people, it inspires and motivates people to do better and more. Supporting your local craft fairs as a visitor, purchaser, supporter helps to grow the community and encourage further creative, social and community wealth.

October is wood and furniture crafts month.

  • Anne Pearson Designs - Macrame - Lancashire
  • MegaLilyDesign - Jewellery - East Sussex
  • Crafty Heidi - General Crafts - Hampshire
  • Maurice Coombe Engraved And Framed - Glass - Somerset
  • Bits of Wood - Wood - Bristol
  • itsAlchemy - Jewellery - Denbighshire
  • Glassic Glass - Glass - Durham
  • Nanny Bons handmade teddy bears and gifts - Teddy Bears - Essex
  • Four Seasons Crafts - Sewing - Berkshire
  • Margo and Evie - Furniture - Warwickshire
  • West Country Galleries Gift Shop - Sewing - Somerset
  • Sarah moseley scented candles - Candles - Lancashire
  • Art by JenniferAnne - Art - Buckinghamshire
  • Tuftydawn Designs - General Crafts - Essex
  • Valeries Arts and Crafts - Art - Cambridgeshire
  • Donna Bramall - Stained glass - Greater Manchester
  • Cutting Edge - Wirework Jewellery - Staffordshire
  • Handmade Jewellery Gems - Jewellery - Lancashire
  • ffrangcon - Fashion Accessories - Kent
  • Dog Star Ceramics - Pottery and ceramics - Wiltshire
  • Katrinas Match Craft - Wood - Staffordshire
  • Marcelle K Jewellery - Jewellery - Hampshire
  • Gane Products - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
  • Made for You Waterlooville - Jewellery - Hampshire
  • Cooper Crafts - Candles - Conwy
  • Bratling Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
  • Rachel Pollard - Painting - Surrey
  • Passe Revival - Candles - Staffordshire
  • Homemade SLS free soap bath bombs - Soap - Wiltshire
  • tidal inspirations - Carpentry - Nottinghamshire
  • pjs pete and jo playhouses - Home and Garden - Dorset
  • Little Miss Bee Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
  • Sarah Jayne Creations - Papercutting - Warwickshire
  • Wishing You Watercolours - Painting - South Yorkshire
  • carol ann - Sewing - Staffordshire
  • linemark crafts - Art - Kent
  • Jacqueline Redfern - Art - Wiltshire
  • Pumblechooks Beads and Jewellery - Wirework Jewellery - Hampshire
  • DiDi handmade jewellery - Jewellery - Suffolk
  • Georgina Lillywhite Designs - Metal Clay - West Sussex
  • Peasantswife Store - Jewellery - Staffordshire
  • Rob in Wood The Kentish Wood Turner - Wood turning - Kent
  • macshack artglass - Glass - South Lanarkshire
  • Book Art by Kathryn - Origami - West Yorkshire
  • Oceanphoto Services - Photography - Kent
  • Hessian Delights - Textiles - Hertfordshire
  • The Recycled Woodturner - Wood turning - Dorset
  • The Gift Girls - General Crafts - Northamptonshire
A bit more colour

Some months ago, we introduced a new colour scheme for the site. However the implementation was quite subtle. Recently, we have taken the colours a little further with additional complementary hues for each primary colour.

We are now rolling out these colour schemes for each membership type. Supplier, Artist, Maker and Designer, Organiser, Group, Publication or Venue. In addition, there is a scheme for each type of event, craft fairs and shows, courses and workshop or gallery exhibitions. Check out the search results or the calendar for example.

We hope you will like how the presentation of your listing is coming alive.

Discover the improved Click and Collect

This unique service helps to support your local craft events, whilst allowing exhibitors to take advance orders from customers. It removes the effort and cost involved with postage and packaging for both the buyer and the seller. It is commission free, allowing exhibitors the option to pass on some of the benefits to the customer with a small discount. With no listing fees, the cost of adding items is removed, allowing exhibitors to show their full range.

Exhibitors adding items to their shop, can quickly and easily make them available through Click and Collect, when also listing events they are attending.

Login / Shop items tab

Try it today.

The calendar

The calendar is looking nicer as it has been improved for mobile, tablet and across multiple browsers. The calendar key has been compressed and hidden but can still be revealed using the drop down. The page title and the date are smaller and have been added as part of the calendar itself.

One really nice new time saving feature is being able to search for events - this weekend - or - next weekend. These special searches group together a couple of day and display the results.

The calendar button is also available within the new mobile header, so it is really quick to get.

The mobile header

If you are using the UKCraftFairs site on a smart phone or tablet, you will want to be able to quickly jump to important pages.

The redesigned mobile header displays three symbol buttons (Home, Calendar and Interactions), in addition to the hamburger menu.

When pressed or clicked the home icon takes you to the sites home page, the calendar icon takes you to the calendar displaying todays date, the envelope will take you to the interactions page (when logged in). If you have new unanswered messages or messages that you have not marked as read, then the amount will appear in an alert next to the envelope.

When you are using a larger screen you will still see all these icons plus additional text.