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The UK is without doubt one of the most creative and diverse places on Earth. The talent of makers and artists needs a vent, a channel that allows both new and experienced people the chance to market and sell their work. They also need to network with their peers and exchange ideas and experiences. The craft fair can be that channel. It challenges people, it inspires and motivates people to do better and more. Supporting your local craft fairs as a visitor, purchaser, supporter helps to grow the community and encourage further creative, social and community wealth.

Susan Pearson - Felting - West Sussex
Dot and Dash - Floral design - Derbyshire
Class On Glass Designs By Maurice Coombe - Glass - Somerset
the bag lady - Crochet - Surrey
itsAlchemy - Jewellery - Denbighshire
Cards by Marion - Cardmaking - Buckinghamshire
Nanny Bons handmade teddy bears and gifts - Teddy Bears - Essex
Handmade by Nicole - Textiles - Middlesex
Owl Studios - Pottery and ceramics - Northamptonshire
Lindas Little Gifts - Decoupage - Essex
Anne Pearson Designs - Macrame - Lancashire
Sarah moseley scented candles - Candles - Lancashire
West Country Galleries Gift Shop - Sewing - Somerset
Tuftydawn Designs - General Crafts - Essex
Art by JenniferAnne - Art - Buckinghamshire
carol ann - Sewing - Staffordshire
Margo and Evie - Furniture - Warwickshire
Mae Kandoo - Textiles - Essex
Cutting Edge - Wirework Jewellery - Staffordshire
Donna Bramall - Stained glass - Greater Manchester
Dog Star Ceramics - Pottery and ceramics - Wiltshire
Avana Jewellery - Jewellery - Cambridgeshire
Katrinas Match Craft - Wood - Staffordshire
Pumblechooks Beads and Jewellery - Jewellery - Hampshire
Marcelle K Jewellery - Jewellery - Hampshire
Rachel Pollard - Painting - Surrey
Made for You Waterlooville - Jewellery - Hampshire
Qryztal Crafts - Jewellery - Essex
D Royle Pens - Wood turning - Lancashire
Jojo B Jewels - Jewellery - Monmouthshire
Bratling Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
Two Cups of Art - Wood - West Midlands
Georgina Lillywhite Designs - Jewellery - West Sussex
Little Miss Bee Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
Passe Revival - Candles - Staffordshire
tidal inspirations - Carpentry - Nottinghamshire
Making the most of your membership

Take a look at the - Making the most of your membership - document. When you login, you will see it on your home page, alternatively you can see a copy on the about page.

It is currently nine long but over time may increase in size to cover more aspects of the site, if needed. It covers things like, navigating around the site, the colour schemes and symbols used, adding content like your main page, events, blog posts and shop items. With some helpful tips and advice.

We hope you will find it useful.

Self publishers links to Amazon

Self publishing is a relatively new phenomenon, that allows authors to side step the traditional publishing houses. This results in the author keeping more of the purchase price (if they make sales) but they have to do most of the work themselves.

If you have self published already, you will know that marketing your books can be difficult and time consuming. So, we have added some additional functionality to the site to help.

As a member, you can add your books to your shop window. Then, if you add the events you are attending, the Click and Collect will work. Marketing your books at an event is a great way to generate sales, talk to interested people and perhaps sign a few copies. You can ask people that buy to write reviews etc.

We know how much work goes into writing and then self-publishing a book. So now, in addition to your Click and Collect, we can add a link on your item page that goes directly to your book on Amazon.

Event pricing and availability

Whilst adding a craft fair, course or exhibition to the site, an organiser can include the number places available, a guide price, as well as the current availability.

When you login and view an event page, there is now an alert in the top right hand corner, green means there are still places or tables available, orange means that the organiser has ticked the box to state the event is full. You can still contact organisers about full events, to try and get on there waiting list. In the same alert, we include the total number of tables or places and the price when supplied.

In addition, organisers can now choose to offer a 5% discount to UKCraftFairs members. If the discount has been added by the organiser, you will see it in the same alert box.

The pricing set by the organiser is just a guide, so you will know the sort of price you can expect to pay.

You would need to contact the organiser directly for availability information that is specific to you, for a specific category of makers like jewellery or cards for example, which notoriously fill very quickly.

Event venue notes

It is a great idea to put information into your event listing that will help your visitors and exhibitor on the day. Either helping them find the location or answering some questions they may have.

To make this as easy as possible, we have added a new field on the page where you add your event venue. Therefore, you only have to add or edit the information once and it appears on all the events for that venue.

Some examples of the type of information you could add:

+ nearest train, tube, bus or tram stop
+ is WiFi access available
+ parking restrictions
+ disabled access and toilets
+ local landmarks

As the field is text, you can be descriptive. For example, it is a long up hill walk from the train station. Local taxi number is ???

The new text appears in the venue section of the event page, just below the map and address.

UPDATED New look maps

The maps page
The maps page is a great visual tool for searching for future events taking place in an area of interest to you. The map is always up to date with the latest events by location.

It has been updated, so that the pins on the map have the new site colours for craft fairs, craft courses and gallery exhibitions. Each of the pins can be clicked on to get more information. Each pin represents a venue/location where fairs, course or exhibitions are taking place. Clicking on a link within the more information box will take you to a list of all the events taking place at that venue.

Maps on listings
In addition, to the updated maps page the maps on peoples listing have been further improved. We hope to have the new pin colours for all listing types added to the site soon.

Adding new events
When you add a venue for an event, you need to make sure that the full postcode is used, so that the mapping software can geocode your location. When you look at your own event, you should see the [pin in the correct place on the map. Venues will only appear on the maps page it future events have been listed.

Street view
You can zoom in and out of the maps, using the plus and minus buttons or by scrolling (two fingers on a touch screen). If you zoom in to street level you can drag and drop the little man on to the map to see the street view. You for planning your visit to the event.