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The UK is without doubt one of the most creative and diverse places on Earth. The talent of makers and artists needs a vent, a channel that allows both new and experienced people the chance to market and sell their work. They also need to network with their peers to exchange ideas and experiences. The craft fair can be that channel. It challenges people, it inspires and motivates people to do better and more. Supporting your local craft fairs as a visitor and purchaser, helps to grow the community and encourage further creative, social and community wealth.

Discover additional benefits

Susan Pearson - Felting - West Sussex
Cats Punky Stuff - General Crafts - Lincolnshire
Class On Glass Designs By Maurice Coombe - Glass - Somerset
Savanna Dell Rime - Felting - Somerset
itsAlchemy - Jewellery - Denbighshire
Owl Studios - Pottery and ceramics - Northamptonshire
Sarah moseley scented candles - Candles - Lancashire
West Country Galleries Gift Shop - Sewing - Somerset
Art by JenniferAnne - Art - Buckinghamshire
Cutting Edge - Wirework Jewellery - Staffordshire
Tuftydawn Designs - General Crafts - Essex
Bunnies Galore - Dolls - North Yorkshire
Margo and Evie - Furniture - Warwickshire
Donna Bramall - Stained glass - Greater Manchester
Dog Star Ceramics - Pottery and ceramics - Wiltshire
Lesley Stevens of Decorque Ltd - Home and Garden - Oxfordshire
Katrinas Match Craft - Wood - Staffordshire
Avana Jewellery - Jewellery - Cambridgeshire
Rachel Pollard - Painting - Surrey
Qryztal Crafts - Jewellery - Essex
Crafty SarahJ - General Crafts - Berkshire
Jojo B Jewels - Jewellery - Monmouthshire
Bratling Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
Georgina Lillywhite Designs - Jewellery - West Sussex
Little Miss Bee Designs - General Crafts - Greater Manchester
Passe Revival - Candles - Staffordshire
tidal inspirations - Carpentry - Nottinghamshire
The Orchard Contemporary Crafting - General Crafts - Leicestershire
Recycloanalyst Ann Jenkins - Recycled - Oxfordshire
Cooper Crafts - Candles - Conwy
pjs pete and jo playhouses - Home and Garden - Dorset
September Organics - Health and Beauty - Bristol
Rachelizabethartist - Art - Merseyside
Jacqueline Redfern - Art - Wiltshire
Peasantswife Store - Jewellery - Staffordshire
macshack artglass - Glass - South Lanarkshire
Adding your 2018 events

It may seem strange to be thinking about next year, whilst you are in the busiest part of this year. However, many people have already started listing their confirmed dates for next year.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. if you already know some if not all the dates, times and locations of the craft events. There are lots of exhibitors that like to book up their calendars many months in advance. The longer your events are listed the better placed they can be in search engines.

You can add events to the site up to 18 months in advance, so it is not a problem to be listing events all the way to Christmas 2018. In addition, as there is no limit to the number of events you can add and no additional costs.

We look forward to seeing all your future craft events listed.

Craft Blog Posts

This week, we have been improving the craft blog section.

We feel that the blogs are a great way for you to communicate your story to the world. So we have added a few tips on the craft blog search page to help you write even more engaging content. It is well worth a look.

In addition, the craft blog search page has had a Spring clean (in Summer) to make it a little cleaner.

What can you expect next?
- Comment notifications

TIPS for ranking in Google - It can take a couple of weeks for Google to index your blog page after you add a new post. If you want to speed that process up, add a link to the post on any social media. Especially, if it is event date related. The most likely thing to get to the top of the search result for is your title - keep it relevant, unique and short about four words long.

Craftally discover the latest version

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Craftally.

In addition to an updated pricing calculator for makers it also has a new to-do list. Ideal for a quick reminder of the important tasks you need to complete.

The to-do list is a productivity tool. It is aimed at people who want to get things done. You can add up to seven tasks at a time. Add tasks that you aim to complete that day. You can also include up to three goals. One that is for yourself, for example - walk and cycle more. A second for others, such as - encourage my sister to complete that course. A third for work, for example - attend an event to get peoples feedback.

Will you be downloading the latest version? Is there a tool that you would like to see added to the app, that you feel would be of benefit to makers (either whilst at a table selling, at home making or whilst marketing). If so, please add a comment on the app store and we will review it and potentially develop it for you.

Search for Craftally on the app store.